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Answers to "Psychology Test"



The whole purpose of this test was to find yourself and who you
     really are...

   1. The person you are walking with is the most important person in
    your life.

   2. The size of the animal represents the size of your problems.

   3. The interaction you have with the animal represents how you deal
    with your problems. (passive/aggressive)

   4. The size of your dream house is the size of your ambition to resolve
     your problems.

  5. No fence indicates an open personality, and a fence indicates a
    closed personality.

   6. If your answer did not include food, people or flowers then you are
    generally unhappy.

   7. The durability of the material the cup is made of is the durability
    of your relationship with the person in question 1.

   8. Your disposition of the cup represents your attitude towards the
    person in question 1.

   9. The size of the body of water represents the size of your sexual

  10. How wet you get crossing the water is the importance of your
    sex life.

  11. The number you picked is how many hours you have to send this
    to at least 1 person.

/ もどる /